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As we work together to make Arts, etc. an even more rewarding organization, we welcome your comments and feedback. Below are the current officers and a snapshot of their responsibilities. While we hope you will reach out to whomever you feel comfortable contacting, we thought providing some insight into roles and responsibilities might be helpful.

President – Ginny Brush (

The President oversees all the activities of Arts, etc. She organizes and orchestrates board meetings and facilitates both short and long term planning. She coordinates communications, most notably about the direction of the organization. The President is every member’s representative to the board and is there to foster this relationship in any way possible.

Vice President – Kathleen Wright (

The Vice President envisions, plans and executes all aspects of our programs. This includes four speaker luncheons and the end of year luncheon. Also, she assists with the Art & Wine events. The Vice President leads the board in planning the yearly calendar.

Treasurer – Connie Gentzler (

The Treasurer is responsible for the collection, recording and financial reporting of funds for the organization. She keeps an accurate and timely accounting of receipts and expenditures. Frequently, the treasurer is the person to whom members forward checks for both dues and events.

Events Chair – Anne Cotton (

With board participation, the Events Chair selects the chairs of the Art & House Tour and the Member Mingle. She oversees these events, coordinating and facilitating the many groups who are integral to the events’ success.

Secretary – Wilma deZanger (

The Secretary takes minutes at board meetings and executes the communication with membership, most specifically electronic communication.

Membership Chair – Maureen Dabruzzi (

The Membership Chair establishes the Arts, etc. strategy for attracting and enrolling current and new members. She distributes new member packets and keeps the membership roster current, posting it on our website for member access.

Nominating Chair – Jodi Rush (
In January, the Nominating Chair prepares a letter soliciting suggestions of names for consideration by the Nominating Committee to fill Board positions for the following year. The Committee meets soon after to select names to fill the vacant offices as well as two new members of the Nominating Committee. The Chair asks the nominees to serve and then informs the Arts ,etc. board. The slate of new officers is presented for approval to the membership at the end-of-year luncheon.